SAKA jewelry is inspired by the magical spirit of the island of Bali, which lifting up the living culture within its tradition and strong Hindu values.  With the help of experienced silversmith, our artist and designers are combining these values with jewelry handcraftsmanship into beautiful pieces of jewelry.


SAKA comes from the word CAKA, which is the Hindu calendar in Bali, strongly symbolizes the everlasting jewelry to wear, as long as these values and traditions been subsisting.

All pieces are specially design with the strong influence of modern appreciation of the old technique of jewelry making.


 With the deep appreciation of the one of a kind talent of jewelry making in Bali, SAKA jewelry is offering its  collections to the  customers worldwide, who  admire the same  values to  be  adapted  into  different countries and surroundings.

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Each day, our artists and designers create beautiful pieces of Jewelry.

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Different collections adapted for different countries and surroundings.

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